The Kiribati Land Transport Authority (KLTA) as a statutory corporate entity is responsible for the administration of the Public Highways Protection Act 2018 and the Traffic Act 2017.

The KLTA is responsible to: -

  1. ensure that all public highways are free from encroachment and other acts likely to damage highways or adversely affect the safely and free use of highways; and
  2. ensure that the public highways is maintained throughout;
  3. centralizes and harmonized registration and licensing procedures;
  4. developed and harmonized enforcement strategies consistence to road safety and highway integrity.
  5. developed and implement traffic management in collaboration with other agencies;
  6. developed and improved customer service at all level of service


The Vision of KLTA is “Moving Kiribati safely”.


Our logo depicts the popular and famous frigate bird flying over a wheel with a red background. The frigate bird represents wisdom, care, and caution while the wheel and the road represent safe driving. The scale represents the authority vested upon the KLTA that must be exercise reasonably, fairly and with due diligence. The outer circumference with a string that binds the outer layer represents unity.


Endeavour to become a professional, effective, and efficient land transport authority founded on safety with an ambitious focus on customer satisfaction.


The KLTA objectives are as follows: -

  • Ensure that all public highways are free from encroachment and damages arising from unauthorized and wanton excavation, digging, or opening of drains sewers, electric power cables or lines etc.
  •  Ensure that the public highways are continuously maintained throughout.
  •  Address safety, security and environmental health challenges associated with the use of a highway.
  •  Improve the long-term viability of the Authority through the development and review of policies, governance structure and legal framework underpinning its mandates, functions, powers, and roles.
  •  Invest in IT solutions as an alternative and innovative solutions to a safer highway.


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