The Kiribati Land Transport Authority (KLTA) as a statutory corporate entity is responsible for the administration of the Public Highways Protection Act 2018 and the Traffic Act 2017.

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Driving License fee

Class A B F $30.00 plus $5.00 admin fee ($35.00)(if you take class A still $30.00, if you take Class A and B still $30.00, If you take Class A B and F still $30.00).

Class D E $20.00 plus $5.00 admin fee ($25.00) (if you take Class D only still $25.00, if you take Class E only Still $25.00, if you take class D and E still $25.00)

Class A B D E F $50.00 plus $5.00 admin fee in total of $55.00



To those who are given a defective notice (2 Penalty Unit) must comply and pay their fine fee at KLTA office at MICCTD within 14 days. 

Nakoia ake karekeaki irouia ana aobitia te KLTA kam na riai n kabwakai tuami ao n karaoi nanon kainibaire ake kam tuangaki inanon te maan ae 14 te bong n aobitin te KLTA n te MICTTD 




Download all forms here. If you can't find a form you are looking for let us know.

Drivers License

Driver's license renewal or new license structure on how to get one.

Vehicle License Structure

Vehicle license registration information on how to get a renewal or getting a new one.

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